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Political Call to Action to My Fellow SLV Citizens  
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January 23, 2017

To My Fellow San Luis Valley Citizens

 Dear Friends,

We are now in a new era that began on Jan 20, 2017 with the inauguration of Trump and friends.

 No matter what your political ties happen to be, the effects of the Republicans’ turn at governing will affect us all here in the SLV.

On Jan 21st people took to the streets in historic numbers all across the country and the globe to unite us as citizens and to show our solidarity as Americans. Marchers proclaimed that we will not accept the Republicans’ attempts to divide us with hate and fear and to resist the authoritarian direction that the new administration is attempting to impose upon us.

Our march in Alamosa drew about 350 souls, many long-time activists and many newer ones! It is encouraging to see so many folks who are not willing to yield power to the people who are charged with WORKING FOR US!

slvjunction.com is a service project to benefit the people of the San Luis Valley with an central meeting place for communication about all things pertaining to the San Luis Valley. It has been online since 2006. It serves as a community bulletin board. (We also have a Facebook page which I use to share other slv facebook posts and to send people to slvjunction.com for detailed information.)

You are all invited to use slvjunction.com to alert everyone to events as they unfold which will affect us all and to offer actions we can take to support or resist proposed new laws and executive actions.

Most people (myself included) would rather “let someone else do it” and not get involved in the power struggle that to so many is distasteful. The power-mongers count on this attitude to pass laws in the middle of the night that take away people’s rights and entitlement programs, hoping that no one will notice. That may have worked in the past, but with the power of social media those days are gone. Americans have woken up and we won’t let up on our scrutiny!

So, if you have information about events or upcoming legislation that impacts the San Luis Valley please share it here in the section called Community Info/ Be An Engaged Citizen. If you would prefer to send me the info in an email I will be happy to post it for you. Send PSA’s (in doc format) along with fliers and photos (in jpeg or pdf format) to:  admin@slvjunction.com. All events will be linked to the slvjunction’s Community Calendar.

One of the most effective things you can do is contact your local, state and federal representatives about issues you care about. Apparently email is less effective than phone calls, snail mail and faxes as email is easier to ignore. I will be posting contact information soon.

 If you wish to share a sample letter or phone call prompt please send it along or post it.

If you have never been politically active before now is the time to pay attention and let your voice be heard.

In the past 40 or so years the citizens of the San Luis Valley have worked together across party lines to successfully:

o   Fight off several attempts to steal our underground water reserves, led by the SLV Ecosystem Council

o   Save Splashland, our community swimming pool

o   Set up La Puente’s homeless shelter and network of Food Banks plus a whole host of programs

o   Set up resources for immigrants, women, migrant workers and others

o   Create the Valley Food Co-op, the SLV Local Foods Coalition, community gardens, the SLV Food Hub and the Rio Grande Farm Park

o   Create our local Boys n Girls Clubs

o   And many other programs

 All these organizations began with just a few folks and grew to benefit the entire San Luis Valley.

We know how to get things done here on a local level, however so much of our funding comes from outside the valley that  we must work together to pay attention and make our voices heard on state and federal programs and legislation that affect us.

 I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together and hope that slvjunction.com can be instrumental in fostering communication in our San Luis Valley community.


admin, slvjunction.com

( PS: Please feel free to share this with everyone) 



Date posted: 1/29/18
City: San Luis Valley
Phone: phone
Fax: fax
Email: admin@slvjunction.com

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