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Community Startup Discounted Memberships  
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We are looking to complete the model for the "McDonalds of Self-Sustained Communities." For that reason we are able to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. Are you planning to pay rent or a mortgage, and a host of other bills for the rest of your life? How are you planning to pay for it? Do you see any flaws in the current monetary system? Do you believe humanity needs a new way to live?

Follow the rules and everyone stays happy, productive and lives free of any interference from outside influences. Pooling the resources of 20-30 people can provide an abundance for everyone. Do you want to get involved in a new way to live, and create the example that the rest of humanity is sure to follow?

Food, water, clothing and shelter. These are the things we should be working for, not money. Money is a distraction from the things that truly make life worth living. Doing what you want to do for example, is the best suggestion one can take when deciding to work towards a happy and fulfilling life.

With winter coming and bed-space being very limited at our flagship location here in Blanca, Colorado, we've decided to offer a first come first serve earthship invitation to 6-12 parties who would be willing to pool their entry fee up front with other prospective members who will be participating in the project. 

Your entry fee is 4 weeks up front and the payments for your membership/contribution to the project are as follows:

16 weeks: $30 per week

16 weeks $20 per week

16 weeks $10 per week

Children under 12: $5 per week for 16 weeks

Individuals paying a very low membership fee, reducing in price for one year are free of bills after just one year in the program! Imagine alll your bills covered and the opportunities to earn cash with the community that will be possible once our workshop is completed as well as many other cash cows we will be developing to improve the lives of the members and the opportunities available to them.

Winter arrivals must willing to put their entry fee towards project construction to provide shelter for those new arrivals. For individuals $120 (4 weeks up front) is your entry fee. Families are calculated per individual, adding on any children under 12.

Our goal is to have YOU bill free and living a prosperous new life within one year. Are you willing to work with us for one year to give it a try? If so call today for an interview and to set up an appointment to come down and have a look around.

Hope to see you soon!

Date posted: 10/16/17
City: Blanca
Phone: (719) 480-2127

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