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Rio Grande Rift Valley Medical Book Club is ready for 2018.


This is a free resource for the time but will shift to a pay based community to help expand the resources as needed.

Are you interested in learning more about health and wellbeing in a peer group? NO LAWS and regulations stopping you from talking to others in a medical book club based organization. This is a new model of medical networking that may become the future of personalized and preventive medicine.

With FDA Approved Genetics tests on the market for around $200 we are seeing a massive paradigm shift.

Even without a genetic test there is much to learn with excellent books, resources and a community that can give you a path to a better future.

We will be discussing book on various topics such as:

Nutrition, Nutritonal Genetics, Nutritional Genomics, Functional foods,
Drugs, Drug Metabolism, Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics,
Genetics, Epigenetics,
Oncology, Cancer Prevention with Nutrition,
Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Scaffolds,
Immortal Cells, Reversible Cellular Immortality,
Suspended Animation,
Metamorphosis, Tissue Reprogramming,
Developmental Biology,
Aging, Theories of Aging,
Metabolism, Ketogenics,
Heat Shock Proteins, Protein Clearance,
Synthetic Genomes, Artificial Organisms,
Natural Medicines, Herbs, Minerals, Vitamins, Supplementation,
Probiotics, Food Intolerance, Acid Reflux, PPI Rebounding, Enteroimmunology,

and much more.

I hope we can get each other up to speed on the various topics and be able to have some of the authors to the Rio Grande Rift Valley. These topics have been shunned for many years by the medical community because most of the time these topics create more questions than they answer. We can all be on the same page at some point in time and bring in some of the greatest pioneers.

I’m hoping this can become a think tank that will empower the masses and challenge our medical infrastructure to keep up with us. This is meant to become a disruptive system and will most likely be making the medical establishment earn their rights to be called professionals.

I will begin by starting the club through____ MEETUP.COM

It’s free for everyone to join and become involved. Setup an account and check us out.


Date posted: 1/7/18
City: Alamosa

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