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Saguache County Recycling Program Info  
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Land Fill & Recycling Center
25125 Kelly Road
P.O. Box 476
Saguache, CO 81149

Phone: 719..655.2554
Fax: 719.655.2543
Cell: 719.221.1956

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - Tuesday
12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. - Wednesday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - Thursday thru Saturday

Randal H Arredondo– Road Supervisor & Landfill Director
Elvie M Samora– Assistant Road Supervisor
Iris B Garcia– Office Manager
Debbie Ortega– Office Assistant 

Click here to e-mail.

Facility Staff:
Harold E Rowe – Landfill Attendant
Jesse Quintana – Landfill Attendant


Landfill Hours of Operation

New Landfill Hours

Beginning September 10, 2008 the Saguache County Landfill hours of operation will be as follows:

Tuesday 8:00AM to 4:00PM
Wednesday 12:00PM (noon) to 4:00PM
Thursday – Saturday 8:00AM to 4:00PM

Closed Sunday and Monday

For questions regarding the Landfill please call 719-655-2554.

Posted: August 26, 2008, 10:11:02 AM

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Newspapers Fill a paper grocery bag with newspapers and inserts that come with the

newspaper. NO magazines, junk mail, string, twine or tape; or cardboard

of any kind will be accepted with the newspapers.

Magazines Phone books are accepted, but please separate them from the magazines.

NO string, twine or tape or hard-back books will be accepted

Glass ONL Y jars and bottles that had lids are accepted. NO lids or rings are

accepted. Labels on the jars or bottles are OK. NO kitchen glass. NO light

bulbs or headlights. NO window glass. NO dirt or sand.

Tin Cans Please cut both ends and flatten. Please rinse if odorous. Labels on the

cans are OK.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum Foil

Please be sure to empty and rinse cans. Flattened would be helpful

Plastic All plastics except, #6 plastic with Styrofoam. Please separate them. NO

lids are accepted. Please rinse if odorous. Flattened would be helpful. .

Colored #2 Plastic - NO oil or antifreeze bottles. Clorox bottles are OK.

Cardboard Corrugated ONLY - NO cereal, soap, beer, pop or other pressed fiber

boxes. Flattened would be helpful.

Pressed Fiber


Cereal, soap, beer, pop etc. Flattened would be helpful.



Please transport in cardboard boxes. Batteries that are leaking are not

accepted. A vehicle tractor, golf cart, etc. batteries are OK.



Please separate copper, brass, aluminum and lead. You may include

aluminum doors, windows and pans. Also aluminum siding and aluminum

auto parts.

White Paper Any white paper with black copy or black marks on it is accepted. Horne

office paper is considered white paper.

Colored Paper Any colored paper, or any white paper with any color other than black on

it red, blue, yellow and self-carbon. NO pastels are accepted.

Computer Paper:

Green or Blue

Bar, White

NO carbon paper or self-carbon paper is accepted. Shredded paper is OK.

Slick Paper Any coated paper is considered slick paper. May be placed in with


Junk Mail Envelopes, etc.

Used oil & Antifreeze

Must be emptied into holding containers

Please keep recyclables separated. If it is mixed, it is considered trash. Any contamination will

cause recyclables to be thrown away. Quality products are critical.

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 8am to 4pm.

Date posted: 2/5/18
City: Saguache
Phone: (719) 655-2554

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